South Side Farmers Market
3300 Warsaw Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Serving Ft. Wayne & surrounding areas since 1926
   Open Saturdays 8am-1pm Easter thru Mid-December

                                                   When to Find Indiana Fruits & Vegetables

                                      April      May     June     July     August     September     October    November

Apples                                                                    x             x                x                  x                   x 
Asparagus                        x           x            x
Beets                                                                      x             x                x   
Blackberries                                                           x             x 
Blueberries                                                             x             x
Broccoli                                                      x                                           x  
Cabbage                                                    x           x             x                x                  x                   x   
Cantaloupe                                                                            x               x                   x
Carrots                                                                    x             x               x                   x                  x  
Cauliflower                                                                                             x                   x   
Cherries                                                      x           x 
Collards                                                                                                  x                   x
Eggplant                                                                  x             x                                       
Grapes                                                                                                   x                   x  
Green Peas                                                x
Hot Peppers                                               x            x             x              x     
Lettuce                              x          x            x
Lima Beans                                                                            x               x                  x                                                                                                                                                            
Mushrooms                       x           x                                                                           x
Onions                              x           x            x            x            x               x                  x  
Peaches                                                                   x            x               x                  x
Plums                                                                                     x               x
Potatoes                                                                                 x               x                  x                   x
Pumpkins                                                                                                x                  x                   x
Radishes                          x           x                                                               
Raspberries                                                x            x             x               x   
Rhubarb                                        x            x              
Snap Beans                                                              x            x               x                  x 
Spinach                            x           x            x                                           x                  x
Strawberries                                  x            x
Summer Squash                                         x             x            x               x
Sweet Corn                                                 x             x            x               x
Sweet Peppers                                           x             x            x               x 
Tomatoes                                                                  x            x               x                  x   
Turnips & Turnip Greens              x            x                                           x                  x        
Watermelon                                                               x            x               x                  x
Winter Squash                                                                                         x                  x                 x                                                         
Along with an ever-changing, wide variety of locally grown produce, you'll also find:
                IN SPRING                                                     IN FALL
-plants (vegetables, annuals, perennials)                   -cider
-beautiful hanging baskets                                         -apple butter
                                            ALL YEAR ROUND
-baked goods                                                             -antiques
-herbs                                                                        -books
-local honey                                                               -flea market finds 
-fresh eggs                                                                -handcrafts 
-hormone-free meat                                                   -jewelry